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  • (+598) 2914 7450 / 7451
  • info@almahistoricahotel.com
  • Solís 1433 Montevideo - Uruguay

Montevideo awaits you

We have 15 different rooms distributed in 3 categories. Each room is unique and inspired by characters from Uruguay’s culture. Every detail has been considered to create a comfortable and sophisticated space.


The “Zorzal Criollo” [ Native Thrush] deserved a room like this. Decorated in beige and gray, with red detailing, its inspirational muse is the large terrace.. More info Book Now


This suite in shades of greywith reddetails pays homage to our great teacher, writer and constructivist artist… More info Book Now


Figari is one of the most significant artists in the history of our Country and one of the most outstanding figures in Latin American painting… More info Book Now


Considered the “Varón del Tango” [The Great Man of Tango], Sosa was one of the most relevant tango singers in the River Plate More info Book Now


Delmira is a poet who specialized in female sexuality in a time when the world was dominated by men.. More info Book Now


Known as “Juana de América”, she is one of our major poets. Her room, in shades of purple, very feminine, evokes her poems, in which topics that exalt motherhood, physical beauty and eroticism predominate… More info Book Now


“Becho” as nicknamed by his friends is the author of the Cumparsita, one of the most important tango pieces of the River Plate. More info Book Now


Picasso painted a portrait of her, Borges dedicated a poem to her, Onetti a novel and the Nobel Prize in Literature, Pasternak the Russian had a secret affair with her… More info Book Now


Scarone “the Wizard” was a player in Uruguay’s national football team which won the first world cup finals in 1930 at the Centenario Stadium in Montevideo… More info Book Now


Don Juan Manuel is representative of a Uruguayan family with a great artistic career. Son of Juan “The Poet of the Nation” and father of actress “China” Zorrilla… More info Book Now


Trinidad was Uruguay’s first theater actress. Rebellious, outrageous and transgressive, she fought for women’s rights both personally and professionally… More info Book Now


Blanes is known as “The Painter of the Nation” for his predominantly gauchesco work where historical themes of our Country are characterized. More info Book Now


Quiroga is one of the most notorious writers of our Country, whose stories are taught in schools. He was one of the featured story writers of the 900 Generation and also a bicycle lover.. More info Book Now


He was the first Uruguayan aviator. He crossed the River Plate by balloon, and even by an airplane without a cabin and a windshield… More info Book Now


Belloni is the artist behind some of the most beautiful sculptures of our Country, located in Uruguay’s main squares and parks… More info Book Now